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Red Wine Pulled Lamb Shanks
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Red Wine Pulled Lamb Shanks

Succulent and fork tender lamb shanks, marinated and cooked in a robust red wine marinade. Served with a rich, glossy sauce made from the marinade,


Beef Stroganoff

Quickly cooked beef mince in a rich and creamy sauce with pasta. A one-pot meal all the family will love, and ready to serve in

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Ultimate Breakfast Tacos

Fiesta for breakfast? Of course! This hearty breakfast or brunch option uses staple ingredients accentuated with all the bright, fresh flavour of pico de gallo.


Burnt Aubergine Warm Mezze Dip

The recipe title says it all. Serve with meat (preferably lamb) and Turkish bread as a main meal or for breakfast with soft boiled eggs…


Posh Pork Fillet & Gnocchi

An incredibly easy and fancy dinner that requires no special equipment and is ready to serve in less than 2 hours.


Chicken & Potato Open Pie

A delicious cheesy open pie with chicken, potato, mushrooms & sausage – kransky, chorizo or cabanossi! Freezes well.

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Soft Tortilla Wraps

Learn how to make soft, flexible, homemade wraps with just 5 ingredients.

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Texas Style Smoked Brisket

So much more than just another recipe, this is a process for melt-in-your-mouth smoky brisket.

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The Best Homemade Naan

You will most likely need a double batch of these – the first batch will be eaten well before the butter chicken is ready! There

Kids in the Kitchen

Fairy Melting Moments

A classic Aussie recipe which will excite the kids! These colourful party starters are a holiday favourite.

Kids in the Kitchen

Easy Blueberry Cake

This very easy one-bowl cake is perfect for beginner cooks. Top with a cream cheese frosting and delicious fresh blueberries and even the pickiest eater



This punchy sauce is traditionally served with barbecued meats in Argentina. It complements all types of meat but is especially good with chicken. A brightly coloured

Family Freezer

Carrot Filo Baskets

Bursting with flavour, these pastries are a perfect side to a roast dinner.

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Twice Baked Potatoes

A family favourite, these delicious, fuss-free potatoes freeze perfectly and reheat in minutes when time is short.


Mozzarella Parsnip Balls

A must have side dish for any roast meal; fluffy parsnip mash rolled around cubes of stringy mozzarella.

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Creamy Chive Bread Ring

The ultimate freezer-friendly recipe, this makes two bread rings – one for now and one for later. The addition of mashed potato flakes to the

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Scrambled Egg & Bacon Muffins

Something to grab on the run… A must to have in the freezer for the overnight visitor. Also excellent for school lunches.

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Cereal Slice

These bars are easy and delicious – perfect to pack in lunch boxes or to enjoy for an afternoon snack.