The Joys of English Muffins!

Let’s dismiss any preconceived judgements of the humble English muffin for a moment.


With an ever growing need for a ‘quick bite’ – be it breakfast, lunch, or otherwise – in our busy lives, these may just be the snack we need.

Check out the tips below to change up the original English muffin:



Rethink peanut butter toast. Here’s three ways to change that up with your english muffin:

  1. Spread both halves thick with peanut butter, top with a dash of raspberry jam.
  2. As above, and swap the jam out for a drizzle of honey.
  3. On top of your layer of peanut butter, sprinkle chocolate chunks (or melt the chocolate if you want to get messy!) and finish with a dob of thick cream.


Kiwiana Snack. Spread both splits – before toasting – with Marmite, top with a thin slice of cheese. Pop in the oven to grill; alternatively press both splits together and toast the muffin in the sandwich press. Hello panini!


Speaking of panini, layer one side of the muffin with a smidgen of basil pesto, spinach leaves, ham, a slice of cheese. Spread the other half with cream cheese and press together. Toast in the sandwich press until the cheese has fully melted. Voila!


And one last idea before you run make lunch!   English Muffin Pizzas!!   Found here on El Gusto 🙂  Click link for full recipe!  English Muffin Pizzas!


Ps. What if we told you the ‘English muffin’ really isn’t english at all? It’s true. They were invented by a New York baker in 1874. Originally known as “toaster crumpets”, they lost that title in 1894 when they were spontaneously called the English Muffin. A whole 124 odd years later and we still enjoy the odd muffin.

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