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Beef Cuts Collection

Italian Beef & Crispy Potatoes

Minced beef in a tomato sauce served over crispy potatoes and onions and topped with feta cheese and parsley.


Hummus Bowl

Creamy, tasty hummus topped with a colourful array of fresh flavours – this hummus bowl is a delicious addition to cheese and bread platters.


Satay Beef & Slaw

Slow cooked curry with nutty, piquant flavours, served with rice and store-bought slaw. Winter weeknight sorted!


Beef Satay Skewers

Quick and easy meal with beef and a tasty peanut curry sauce. If short on time, speed up the process by buying tinned or bottled

Pulled Meats Collection

Maple Shredded Ham

Sticky, tender, slow-cooked ham with notes of maple and cloves. This delicious twist on traditional ham roast can be pre-prepped and heated through when needed

Drips Dust Dollops & Drizzle Collection

Herb Vinaigrette

Dress up a basic salad with this quick-to-make dressing. Not only is it bright green, it’s also full of flavour and healthy too!

Picnic Menu Collection

Iced Fruit Tea Jars

Perfectly convenient way to serve a refreshing drink when eating out.

Recipe Collection

One Pan Quick Massaman Beef Curry

Mild, rich, slightly sweet and aromatic with a tangy taste and thick texture, Thailand’s most popular curry, all-in-one pot and ready to serve in just

Recipe Collection

One-Pan Peanut Butter Chicken

Tender and succulent chicken fillets, in a tasty and lightly spiced Thai-style sauce. A one-pan dish that will become the family favourite, first time round.

Recipe Collection

Swedish Apple Drink

A very refreshing apple cordial, using the entire apple core and all – a great way to use up those apples for something other than

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Dark & Stormy Cocktail

Spicy yet refreshing, Dark & Stormy is a rare find – one of the only cocktails that is just as good in the chilly depths



No Argentine barbecue is complete without this sauce! This intensely flavoured garlic and herb condiment is used as an accompaniment to the traditional asado (BBQ). 

Recipe Collection

Classic Sushi Rice

The first step to mastering homemade sushi is mastering the rice. This simple method will ensure you can serve the perfect sushi meal, every time!

Make Don't Buy

Mint Jelly

A vibrant jelly to make at home.

From Field to Table

Quick Pickled Apples

This pickle is delicious alongside a serving of roast pork, or even on a pulled pork sandwich.  


Tasty Lamb Rub

Use this delicious spice rub before roasting or smoking a lamb joint for maximum taste experience


Protein Snack Balls

These are a handy snack to have available for lunch boxes, or any time of the day when you need an energy boost. They’re extremely


Baked Salmon Parcels

A very tasty and healthy lunch with the minimum fuss preparation and cooking, leaving the kitchen and oven clean. Serve straight from the parcel.

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Simple Vinaigrette

Quick and easy Italian style salad dressing to make up in a jar and keep in the fridge.    

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Amazing Beef Rub

This is the perfect beef dry rub recipe, creating a rich, flavourful, crunchy crust, on brisket, beef ribs, steak and more.