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Do you include enough of it in your diet? And we’re not talking about a spoonful of the powdered variety into your morning smoothie, but good, honest, natural protein. It’s an essential question because this macronutrient plays a crucial role in creating and maintaining every cell in our bodies. Protein to humans is what electricity is to Tesla – it powers us.

The answer does not lie in more red meat. In fact, the best time of the day to bulk up your protein intake is in the morning, and steak is not likely to appear on the breakfast menu too often. In terms of just how much is enough, a good rule of thumb is just under 1 gram per kilogram of body weight per day. Someone who weighs 75 kilograms should keep it under 75 grams total. Now, in real-life terms, that’s a maximum of 12 eggs, three chicken drumsticks or three small cans of tuna for the aforementioned 75-kilogram person.

Of course, there’s give and take depending on how active you are and hosts of other factors. For example, Icelanders top the protein charts at an average of 141 grams of protein per day – that’s the equivalent of a whopping 22 eggs! On the other end of the scale, average consumption in Liberia is down at 42 grams, or less than seven eggs, and everyone else falls somewhere in between. Fortunately for the hens, this protein comprises more than just eggs!

As always, balance is vital, and protein can be found in various foods. You’ve heard us talk about legumes before, and we’re not done yet. You guessed it – they tick the protein box as well. Add a handful into burger patties, meatballs or Mexican nachos for an added boost. Eggs are also an excellent choice – in fact, egg white is almost pure protein. A few others in the ranks include chicken breast, turkey breast, several fish varieties including tuna, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and milk. Surprisingly, peanut butter is jammed full of protein, and if you’re lucky enough to have the Fix & Fogg brand on your shelves, you can know that it’s a wholesome option.

With just a few well-made decisions, you can be eating your way towards a fuelled-up diet.

Recipe Inspirations

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