Holidays are disappearing quickly in the rearview mirror, and the routines of work and school keep us constantly on the go. If you are anything like us, you’re probably wondering how on earth you managed to fill never-ending lunch boxes or get at least a semblance of nutrition into your morning. Rather than turning to fast food or settling for an endless parade of sandwiches (with all due respect to that humble hunger buster), we’re looking up some new ideas.

For a delicious breakfast that is always ready when you are, try a jar of overnight oatmeal. In its myriad variations, there is nothing more satisfying than the knowledge of a pot of healthy goodness tucked away in your fridge, set to kick your metabolism into gear. Besides oatmeal, try adding fresh fruit, a sprinkling of chia seeds, a handful of chopped nuts, or some chocolate chips and banana.

While we’re on the breakfast front, cookies are a new all-day favourite – no wonder every website is asking about them! For a batch of breakfast cookies or granola bars, start with a good foundation of oatmeal, and throw in some raisins, dried cranberries, or chopped apple. Wholegrain flour fills in the gaps, and an egg and some honey hold it all together. Now that’s a wholesome handful of breakfast!

It pays to think outside the lunch box when it comes to lunch!

Jar salads are our number one pick, but there are a few tips to achieve the perfect power lunch. When stacking your colourful combination, start with the wettest elements first: dressing on the bottom, fresh vegetables and protein in the middle, then greens, nuts and seeds on top. Everything is kept crispy and fresh when layered in this fashion and mixed just before eating.

Another convenient lunch option is tacos-for-one. Pack an individual snack-sized packet of tortilla chips, leftover chicken or mince and an avocado, and when lunchtime rolls around, it won’t take you two minutes to put it together. Or, if you’re the type who likes to prepare a week’s worth of meals in one go, soup is likely already high on your list. Making it in bulk at the weekend and storing it in paper cups in the freezer will save you fridge and brain space. If you use extra-large cups, fill them halfway and once frozen, you will have room for a bread roll on top.

While we are adapting to new schedules at work, home and school, it is comforting to know that we’ve got an efficient line-up of on-the-go meal choices. It’s time to face the new year, healthy meal in hand!

Recipe Inspirations

Beef Goulash Soup – Thermomix

Bacon & Sweet Potato Picnic Slice (Thermomix)

Cinnamon Bun Jars

Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies

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