Doughnuts – the Hole story

‘Doughnuts are a healthy choice for any salad addict’’ – or so screamed the sign on the doughnut kiosk. The reasoning behind this extraordinary conclusion is that apparently, after months of eating limp lettuce, you can reward yourself with a doughnut which will enable you to keep on with the salad! Doughnuts are usually really, really bad for your diet – but just so good to eat! Who doesn’t love to sneak one in! So, we have unpacked some details for you to help you make an informed, although still deliciously unhealthy, choice.

There are ongoing discussions in the El Gusto kitchen about what constitutes a real doughnut. Sugared or iced? Filled or plain? But the burning question really is, hole or no hole? After all, doughnut holes are even used for coaching, as a great divide between the glass half full and the glass half empty viewpoints on life – do you see the doughnut or the hole? Although you should always see (and eat) the doughnut, this is the story of how the doughnut got its hole.

Originally hatched in Holland, these deep-fried ‘oily cakes’ were sent as sustenance for sea captains during their wild Atlantic endeavours. However, the sailors had a problem with these hole-less cakes – they had soft, uncooked centres. One mother vainly attempted to save the day by cooking nuts in the middle, but her seafaring son didn’t like either the soggy centres or the nuts and impaled these otherwise delectable delights on the spokes of the ship’s wheel. Lo and behold, the hole was made and has remained ever since!

But back to the doughnut itself. The term includes many things, but in essence, they are fabulously sweet, fried and flavoured, much loved by all, available everywhere and eaten anywhere. These days the hole is created before cooking, and the extra surface area provides even more taste opportunities.

Now you know the whole story, you can join in with a fun lovin’, kitchen messin’, family feedin’, doughnut bakin’ dunkin’ day – anytime you like!

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