Brunch Up

In our opinion, the greatest thing that has happened in modern food history is brunch; a collision of breakfast and lunch, resulting in a free-for-all menu that embraces the best of both. Loved by late risers, it’s the perfect excuse to skip the cereal and head straight into brioche scrolls and coffee. In turn, those early birds out there see it as a pit-stop after the high-protein smoothie that disappeared hours ago. There is a lot to love about brunch, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top three.

One. You can eat whatever you want. Literally. For example, nibbling tan squares at 8:00 am seems a little odd, but at 10:00 am it’s perfectly acceptable. You can even throw in a croque monsieur and a mimosa for good measure. The way to make this work is to keep a variety of pre-made options on hand. Sweet bread rolls or cheese and bacon pull-aparts are ideal brunch choices that can be made in advance and frozen. For added impact, choose one thing to make at the time and serve fresh – we enjoy a slice of cheese toasted between crusty bread, paired with a chunky tomato relish.

Two. You can invite your friends. After all, you’re probably not likely to ask your mother-in-law round for a mutual bowl of cereal. But eggs benedict and a latte after a mid-morning walk? Now that’s a whole different story. Once again, prior preparation makes all the difference if your brunch includes guests. Don’t be afraid to serve everything at once either – waffle smorgasbords easily rub shoulders with devilled eggs and cheese scones on a brunch board.

Three. It replaces breakfast and lunch. What busy housewife doesn’t want to merge two meals into one? Apart from the fact that gathering the family for one meal is enough of a mission, let alone all three, on a Saturday! Seeing as you’re melding meals, it is quite in order to include savoury and sweet to cater to everyone’s tastebuds at the same time. A quiche and a salad with a side of warm cinnamon scrolls (or vice versa) will keep everyone fed up – in the best way imaginable!

Four. Bagels. We did say our top three, but bagels deserve a whole separate mention. They are the epitome of brunch foods and combine all that is good about brunching. For the quickest, easiest, and tastiest brunch, pile up the largest board you can find with as many bagels and toppings as possible. Keep your savoury selection to one side of the board; be sure to include cream cheese (of course), avocado, tomato, basil, peanut butter, and bacon or salmon (or both, we won’t judge). Hazelnut spread, honeycomb, strawberries and granola for the other side and fill any gaps with fresh herbs, edible flowers, or anything else that tickles your fancy.

Who could wish for four better reasons to brunch up?

Recipe Inspirations

Deep Dish Brunch Quiche with Sesame Crust

Easy Pizza Brunch

Mexican Breakfast Hash

Sausage & Sage Stuffed Tomatoes


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