Gluten Free


Flourless Chocolate Crunch Cake

A gluten-free, rich cake that everyone will enjoy – with a simple but effective shower of honeycomb! This cake is about delicious simplicity, so quick

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Berry Gin Cocktail

A burst of berries, a twist of thyme, a glug of gin – the perfect summer cocktail coming up!

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One Pan Quick Massaman Beef Curry

Mild, rich, slightly sweet and aromatic with a tangy taste and thick texture, Thailand’s most popular curry, all-in-one pot and ready to serve in just

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Red Thai Chicken Curry

With bold yet complex flavours, beautifully fragrant and healthy as well, this recipe is a great starting point if you are new to Thai curries.

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Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng, the popular, sweet and savoury Indonesian fried rice. The kecap manis* and shrimp paste make it unique from other cuisines and the beef

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One-Pan Peanut Butter Chicken

Tender and succulent chicken fillets, in a tasty and lightly spiced Thai-style sauce. A one-pan dish that will become the family favourite, first time round.

Finger Food

Teriyaki Chicken Sushi

Ideal as an entrée, school lunch or healthy snack, here is your go-to guide to sushi making. You will need a bamboo sushi mat for

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Swedish Apple Drink

A very refreshing apple cordial, using the entire apple core and all – a great way to use up those apples for something other than

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Apricot & Sage Chicken

The most delicious flavours in such a quick and simple dish – plus it uses up your leftover chicken and it is low calorie!


Stir-Fried Bananas

A delicious topping for Jamaican Ginger Cake served with ice cream. Or even just on top of ice cream, as the sugar dissolves with the

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Dark & Stormy Cocktail

Spicy yet refreshing, Dark & Stormy is a rare find – one of the only cocktails that is just as good in the chilly depths


Chocolate Pavlova

This fun and attractive twist on a classic works well as a summer dessert and is great for sharing with family and friends!



No Argentine barbecue is complete without this sauce! This intensely flavoured garlic and herb condiment is used as an accompaniment to the traditional asado (BBQ). 

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Garlic Herb Butter

Infuse the fantastic aroma of fresh herbs into your next roast with this quick and easy herb butter.


Beetroot Relish

Tasty way with beetroot.  Excellent to serve with burgers or sausages, and really delicious with soft creamy goat’s cheese.

Make Don't Buy

Barbecue Sauce

This takes a little time but is well worth the effort.  Use well ripened tomatoes when they are in season.


Mustard Sauce

A quick and easy sauce to serve with gammon and bacon joints.


Muesli Bars

A healthy cereal bar for mid-morning snacks and lunch boxes.

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Mint Jelly

A vibrant jelly to make at home.


Barbecue Sauce

After having tried many different home-made barbecue sauce recipes on my family, this one is the all-round favourite. And if I dare run out…  Delicious

From Field to Table

Quick Pickled Apples

This pickle is delicious alongside a serving of roast pork, or even on a pulled pork sandwich.  


Sweet Chilli Bok Choy

This bok choy, with hints of chilli and garlic, is great as a flavourful side dish for any meal.


Tasty Lamb Rub

Use this delicious spice rub before roasting or smoking a lamb joint for maximum taste experience