It’s not the direct opposite of carbohydrate, but it is so much better for you that it might as well be. Main difference? Low in carbs, not high in carbs. This could seem too much to ask, and you’re probably tempted to stop reading right now – in which case you’ll miss out on some […]


Holidays are disappearing quickly in the rearview mirror, and the routines of work and school keep us constantly on the go. If you are anything like us, you’re probably wondering how on earth you managed to fill never-ending lunch boxes or get at least a semblance of nutrition into your morning. Rather than turning to […]

Brunch Up

In our opinion, the greatest thing that has happened in modern food history is brunch; a collision of breakfast and lunch, resulting in a free-for-all menu that embraces the best of both. Loved by late risers, it’s the perfect excuse to skip the cereal and head straight into brioche scrolls and coffee. In turn, those […]

Spice Blends Explained

There’s nothing like the perfect combination of spices to properly finish off that latest recipe. Way beyond the realms of commonplace salt and pepper, the wide variety of spices available can give a dish an aroma that hints of faraway places, open air markets, and exotic cities from afar. Our usual kitchen stapes of garlic […]

Have salad, will eat

Salad is often seen like a glass of water; necessary, good for you, but kind of plain and boring with not much flavour. We don’t believe in plain and boring, but what we do believe in is flavour and salads – lots of salads. So much so, that we coined a new term – salad […]

Dip In

Our cooks in the test kitchens Down Under argue that chips and dip are pantry staples, on a par with premium olive oil or high-grade flour. Although we haven’t reached a consensus on this yet, we do agree that a good dip is the ideal accompaniment to hosts of things edible. Having a few favourites […]

Tips and Tricks for Eggs

Having trouble shelling boiled eggs? Add half a teaspoon bicarbonate of soda to the water when boiling and you’ll notice the difference when you come to shell them. Eggs nearing their use-by-date? Frozen egg whites make perfect meringues. Yolks can be used to make pastries, custard, curds, ice creams etc. To freeze, separate white and […]