Avocado Toast – Deconstructed

Behold the lowly avocado; small, green fruit, once named “alligator pear” and with little esteem in the culinary world. Now, with its phenomenal rise in popularity and receiving the accolades it so rightly deserves, it’s safe to say that avocado toast is a “thing”.

With the increased focus on health and wellness, the avocado toast trend has seen a meteoric upsurge in acceptance and admiration. Creamy, flavourful, and versatile, avocado toast is the most delicious of trends and one of the healthiest of choices. What’s not to love?

As a breakfast or brunch, avocado toast is a delightful alternative to sugary or processed options. Providing an amazing source of healthy fats, they are high in fibre and one of the few fruits (and yes, it is a fruit, not a vegetable!) that is high in protein.

Rather than just sliced avocado spread on toasted bread, the very concept of avocado toast can change dramatically, when we build it layer by luscious layer, with an abundance of ideas and interesting new flavour profiles.

Starting with a base, you can begin by selecting from a tasty variety of toasted breads, including whole grains, gluten free, or sourdough. Change up the foundation with a toasted bagel, or a crunchy baguette! With fresh avocado layered onto your toast of choice, it is easy to build up the texture, from mashed and velvety, to large wedges or slices of soft, green goodness. From there, it’s not difficult to develop your new favourite avocado stack. Go savoury, with grilled mushrooms and a sprinkle of bacon. Want to bring out the avocado sweetness? Add some fruit slices and a drizzle of honey. As a breakfast fill-in, try topping with a fried egg and drizzle of balsamic glaze. A crowning touch of crunch, whether it’s crumbled bacon or raw sugar, will leave you imagining all sorts of future possibilities to try.

Need something to impress your guests, or a new inspiration for a buffet-style working lunch? Host an Avocado Toast Bar, with colourful selections of toppings and garnishes. It doesn’t hurt that besides being naturally delicious and popular, these green wonders are also incredibly photogenic!

Whether your choice is classic and simple, or unique and exotic, these avocado toasts will make you the star in your own kitchen.

No need to feel guilty here. The overwhelming list of health benefits helps us to justify a generous second helping. It will be love at first. . .and second. . .bite!

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