Who we are & why we’re here…

Good ideas are the child of passion and necessity. This one began in Argentina when a group of housewives began sharing recipes.

Throw into the bowl in equal parts; the desire globally for beautifully crafted food, a school that needed funding, the special place cooking has in our community, and busy lives. . . and it is a wonderful mix that justifies licking the bowl!

Far more than ‘recipes’

We’re made by the community, for the community; so the quantities, recipes, and tips are relevant to your lifestyle.

Whether you’re an ‘I mean, I bake muffins’ teenager, an experienced mum/chef/superwoman, or a creative foodie, you’ll find our recipes easy to follow and even easier to eat.

Collectively, we share our best and tested recipes to empower you to become an organised cook that everyone looks forward to dining with.

Charity with a cherry on top

We’re almost entirely volunteer run, and all profits go towards global education.

This is a win-win! We want to inspire you with cooking confidence and see you fall in love with entertaining.

We are here to bring stunning food to the table and to simplify lives.

In due course

First and foremost we want El Gusto to become even more customisable so you can truly create your own space.

Your recipes, your friends, your ideas, and your plans. All in one hub.

Add to this professional chef input, video channels, featured guests, and even the El Gusto app, and you have a pretty exciting tool in your hands!

We have big dreams for El Gusto, and we want you to be part of this… so try recipes, share, contribute, and give us feedback.

Cheers to El Gusto and the fine food you will be dishing up!

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