‘Finger-Lickin’ Good’ ™

At any given time someone, somewhere, is cooking chicken for dinner and, while it’s not for us to question the motives of these road-crossing birds, we can get down to some details on why they frequent our dinner tables so often. Let’s see what the statistics tell us. First, there are about 20 billion chickens worldwide at any given time, which is about three chickens per person. Of those 20 billion, about 136 million are prepared for consumption. Our feathered friends are also raised in every country in the world except The Vatican. Although some breeds live a life of pampered luxury and can even be classed as pets, the vast majority are, quite simply, someone’s next meal.

One of the most versatile foods on the planet, there is really no limit to chicken preparation options. Roast it whole for a crowd or butterfly it and grill it on the barbecue for a summer picnic. Slow-cooked thighs and drumsticks make for an easy winter comfort food and, of course, chicken breast can be turned into any number of mouth-watering meals. From Tikka Masala to Cordon Bleu, every culture and every family has a signature chicken dish to turn to.

Including more chicken in your diet as an alternative to red meat has long been the advice of health advocates everywhere. With its low level of saturated fat (except, of course, when it comes in a red bucket with a side of chips) and plenty of vitamins and minerals, this affordable protein is readily available to every budget. With chicken sausage for breakfast, chicken breast in a lunchtime salad, and endless dinner choices, it’s a blank canvas for imagination and new flavours for every meal of the day!
Whether you fall into the category of diet-conscious, budget-conscious, or taste-conscious, chicken’s tickin’ all the boxes.

Recipe Inspirations

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